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Mackenzie Lake
near Silverton, TX

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Mackenzie Reservoir - Spring 2001 

When the water level of Lake Mackenzie dropped and the lake was not attracting as many boaters they started looking for alternative attractions to keep people visiting the park.  One new attraction is ATV (4 wheeler)  trails located toward the back of the park.   When I asked if there where any mountain bike trails in the area the park ranger pointed me in the direction of these trails.  Other than the occasional ATV the trails are deserted.  The weekend we where there we only

saw four other people on the trails and we only ran across them once.

The trails are packed double track, for the most part, created by ATV's and motorcycles.  The people that maintain the trails used surplus military ramps and bridges to aid in the prevention of erosion.  Still, there is at least one creek crossing and an abundance of challenging climbs and descents to enjoy.

Mackenzie Reservoir - Spring 2001

The lake is 27 miles East of Tulia and 12 miles Northwest of Silverton at Tule creek.   This area was once occupied by Native American tribes.  Many artifacts have been found in the area, including arrowheads, tools, and animal remains.  Tule Canyon is part of Palo Duro Cayon, the second largest canyon in the United States.  Many people feel this is the most beautiful area in Texas.

Photo Gallery

Creek Crossing

Trail from above

Trail climbing out of creek.

Valley where lake once glistened

Mackenzie Reservoir - Spring 2001


The Spring is a great time of year to ride in the Panhandle.  Although the wind can get pretty bad, the temperature is just right and, of course, after the ride you don't want to miss out on taking a dip in the cool, refreshing water of Mackenzie Reservoir.

Trail approaching creek

Military surplus ramps


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