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Boykin Springs near Lufkin, TX

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Boykin Springs is a USFS operated park located about 12 miles east of Zavalla, Texas on U.S. Hwy 63 or about 20 miles west of Jasper, Texas.  The old Blue Hole rock quarry is no longer in existence and has been drained.  It is now closed to the public.  It was located on a County Road 4 miles east of Zavalla on Hwy. 63.  It is near the Bouton Lake Camp Ground maintained by the USFS.

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   The first picture is a rock quarry.   The second picture is a place called Blue Hole. Most of the granite on the sea wall at Galveston Island came from this spot.

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   Here is the fancy swinging bridge on the bouton lake trail. 

   The second picture is spring fed water about 40-60 feet deep.  In the center they say it is well over 100 feet. Rumor has it that back when they first began to excavate the granite they had a railroad tram up to a cliff.   While they were digging they hit a spring and the hole filled up.  After it filled it began to  undercut the cliff and the cliff and railroad tram collapsed.  On the cliff was a crane and it fell in to the hole.  People used to swim in the hole and they say you could see the tip of the boom of the crane...

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